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    Welcome to WEST Reward Points.

    How it works.

    Create an account to start earning WEST Reward Points to use on future orders.

    • For every £1 you spend we give you 1 WEST Reward Point.
    • 20 WEST Reward Points = £1 discount to use on future purchases.

    WEST Reward points can be used to purchase all items, including sale items.

    Sign in to your account at any point during your shop – you will then be able to apply your WEST Reward Points at the checkout.

    Please note that only certain discount codes can be used in conjunction with WEST Reward Points.

    You can check your account balance each time you shop at WEST by logging in to your account: MY ACCOUNT

    Create My Account

    Once you are logged in, your Reward Points will be shown at checkout. You can choose how many Reward Points you would like to use on an order at checkout.

    A few conditions and points of note:

    • You need to have an account with WEST to earn Reward Points
    • Reward Points are exclusive to our Webshop and are not available on our Click & Collect or Local Delivery platforms
    • Reward Points can be earned when you purchase any item on our Webshop
    • Reward Points are not earned with Shipping charges
    • 20 Reward Points = £1 discount
    • Reward points last 180 days from the date they are allocated
    • Reward Points can be used to purchase sale items
    • Reward Points can only be used in conjunction with certain promotional discount codes
    • Reward Points can be spent as soon as they are earned
    • If you apply a discount code to your order then the value of the Reward Points is based on the discounted order value
    • If you receive a full or partial refund on your order then the Reward Points that you earn will be deducted to the same value
    • If you use Reward Points on an order and then receive a refund, your Reward Points will be re-allocated to your account
    • Reward Points cannot be used to pay for shipping charges

    In short – we want to make WEST Reward Points as easy to spend as possible – contact us with any comments or suggestions.

    You can easily reset your password here if you have forgotten it. If you’d like to check which email address you used to set-up an account, you can contact our customer services at [email protected].

    We reserve the right to amend these amounts at any time.